How do I change my Comments' language?

Option 1

You are looking to change your Comments to one of the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, or Arabic.

(If the language you are looking for is not there scroll down to option 2)


1. Simply register or re-register here 

(if re-registering make sure to use the same email and password)


2. Select your new language



Option 2

Your language is not in the list of currently offered languages, send a request to our support team (


In the request please let us know the following information:


1. General Info

  • Site Name
  • Email you used to register
  • Design theme you are using (see the options here)


2. Your Translation 

  • What language you would like to change to
  • The specific words in that language and the English emotions they correspond to:

    Happy = 高兴
    Angry = 生气




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